Catching Crows

Anita Ponton ‘Adelaide! Adelaide!’ Mama’s rasping voice is calling. Caw. Caw. Caw. You can hear her cry, between your ears, in the back of your head. She’s been there all along. Above you, in the trees, they sit and watch. Black eyes, black wings, shining and thick feathered, beating, beating. Look out–here she comes. Big, … Continue reading Catching Crows


Matthew Farrelly It’s Saturday morning. Half-eaten pastry on the dashboard. Takeaway coffee in hand. Dad hops out of the van, and I follow him into the back lane. The weekday lads have left the skip half full in the garden, and it’s wet from last night’s rain. Shrubs and roots lie dying in the skip. … Continue reading Raising

Jazz Lobsters

George McComas I want that snapper from the moment I first see her, snorting sea slug paste off a flatfish in the men’s toilets. She wipes her snout and offers me some, holding the flatfish between her fins like a platter of hors d’oeuvres. I ought to call over the cafe manager, or at least … Continue reading Jazz Lobsters

Jade Ocelot

Robin Fuller It wasn’t a year that shone a light on its better qualities, not a year that felt abundant with betters; but by the end of it, despite it all, things were in fact better.  It all began at the logistics meeting. ‘Let’s spitball,’ they said, ‘no bad ideas in a thought shower,’ they … Continue reading Jade Ocelot

A lasting smile

I had seen her coming, watched her through the plexiglass wall of the café as she fought her way to the shopping centre’s third floor. She leapt up a moving escalator two steps at a time and clattered through the front door. She cried out: ‘Hello, me again, that’s right, Mrs Keepbusy!’ ‘Hello, Mrs Keepbusy,’ … Continue reading A lasting smile

On the Stoop – Helen Levitt retrospective in the Photographers Gallery

Helen Levitt (1913-2009) was a photographer of the New York streets, the city where she was born and lived all of her life. In recent years, Levitt’s work has undergone something of a rediscovery with major exhibitions in Paris, New York, and Arles. She is currently the subject of a retrospective at the Photographers Gallery … Continue reading On the Stoop – Helen Levitt retrospective in the Photographers Gallery